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  • Functional Products
    • NIOPOL-F1000/2000 Defoamer
      NIOPOL-F1000 is a silicon emulsion defoamer. It can be applied to the wet-end and wastewater treatment process. NIOPOL-F1000 has an immediate defoaming action and high dispersion efficiency in foaming systems.
      NIOPOL-F2000 is a fatty alcohol emulsion anti-foamer. It removes foam distributed
      In white water, de-aerates fibrous stock suspensions and enhances dewatering efficiency in the paper making process. The NIOPOL-F2000 has good defoaming action and long lasting anti-foaming performance within a broad temperature range.
    • NIOPOL-S1000 Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer
      NIOPOL-S1000 is a non-silicate hydrogen peroxide stabilizer containing excellent
      chelating agents to effectively control metal (Fe, Cu, Mn, etc.) ions. It prevents scale formation and reduces the usage amounts of sodium silicate in the hydrogen peroxide bleaching stages. Applying NIOPOL-S1000 for bleaching stages and the DIP process improves brightness and reduces scale formation. NIOPOL-S1000 can be used in refiners, dispersers, kneaders, pulpers or bleaching towers in the hydrogen peroxide bleaching stages.
    • NIOPOL-E4000 Anti-slipping Agent
      NIOPOL-E4000 is composed of colloidal silica. It enhances the friction co-efficiency of paper surfaces thereby preventing slippage and blockage problems in the papermaking process. It is applied to corrugated paper, kraft paper or copy paper and its application point is the last stage of the calendar roll or the outlet of the corrugating machine.
      Systems that store and keep content during the evolution of package technology have changed from wooden boxes to corrugated and/or Kraft boxes. Slippage occurrences (Slipping trouble) ? can result in the shut down of the manufacturing line, cause damage to contents, harm the user, etc. - Paper strength came to the forefront as printability and elevation of packaged paper and the surface of package paper by request in design side were leveled gradually. That situation is altered by the hook lift, crank and the treatment method by automation of circulation and physical distribution use of an automatic conveyer belt as opposed to manual processing. Also, America drag occurs because of needs for High-Quality and light weight material for copy paper and company business. These factors point to frequent breakdowns occurring from business automation devices.
      NIOPOL-E4000 is composed of colloidal silica. It enhances the friction co efficiency of paper surfaces and thereby prevents slippage and blockage troubles in papermaking.
      Applying NIOPOL-E4000 on the surface of corrugated board, kraft or copy paper etc. can solve these problems by preventing “Slipping” problems because the co efficiency of friction increases.

      Application Product Form Chemistry Specification Remarks
      pH 20˚C Viscosity cps Active %
      Defoamer F1000 White Emulsion Silicon Oil 7.0
      1.0 > 0.1 500 ~
      15.0 >1.0  
      Defoamer F2000 White Emulsion Fatty acid Alcohol 9.5
      1.0 > 0.1 200 ~
      30.0 >2.0  
      H2O2 Stabilizer S1000 Aqueous solution Chelant 7.0
      1.1> 0.1 < 10 -  
      Anti-slipping agent E4000 Aqueous solution Colloidal Silica 10.0
      1.2>0.1 < 50 30.0>1.0  

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