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    • NIOPOL-P1000 Fixing Agent
      New modern paper mills call for low m.w. high density organic fixing agents to solve anionic trash problems. Niopol-P1000 is a good choice for this purpose.
      The use of Niopol-P1000 can greatly decrease usage of cationic additives (retention aids, sizing agents and wet & dry strength agents)
      Niopol-P1000 can also be used as a coagulant in DIP and DAF processes.
    • NIOPOL-P2000 Drainage Agent
      NIOPOL-P2000 is a new type of retention aid designed to improve drainage and sheet formation as well as the retention of fiber, fines and colloidal fillers in the white water system. As a result,
      Niopol-P2000 improves retention, drainage and turbidity at the same time. Its low molecular weight and amphoteric property results in an excellent retention effect without causing large flocs and consequently deteriorating the sheet formation. It is also strong against shearing force and can be reflocculated well.
    • NIOPOL-R1000 Anionic Dry Strength Resin
      NIOPOL-R1000 is composed of anionic polyacrylamide polymers. It enhances inter-fiber bonding and achieves a higher tearing resistance, tensile strength and folding endurance. It has the effect of improving filler retention and drainage speed. NIOPOL-R1000 is applied mainly as an internal additive into stock or as an external additive into the size press.
    • NIOPOL-R2000 Amphoteric Dry Strength Resin
      NIOPOL-R2000 is composed of amphoteric polyacrylamide polymers. Dry strength can be increased by adding NIOPOL-R2000 into the stock after the rosin sizing and can reduce the amount of rosin consumption. NIOPOL-R2000 should be applied directly into the stock.

      Application Product Form Chemistry Specification Remarks
      pH 20˚C Viscosity cps Active %
      P1000 Aqueous polymer Cationic PAM 3.5?/SPAN
      < 1000 50?/SPAN
      Anionic Trash Catcher
      Drainage agent P2000 Aqueous polymer - - - - -   
      Dry strength resin
      R1000 Aqueous polymer Anionic PAM 7.0?/SPAN
      - 2000 ~ 8000 > 12   
      Amphoteric Dry strength resin R2000 Aqueous polymer Amphoteric PAM 8.0?/SPAN
      - 3000 ~ 5000 > 10   
      Wet strength resin R4000 Aqueous polymer Epoxy derivative 4.0?/SPAN
      - > 30 > 12   

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