Welcome to Ja Kyung Chemical Company Co., Ltd.

From the time of our establishment, we have always done business by honoring the unsurpassed standards that we set forth using the highest quality of human resources and material available in today's rapidly changing world. Our abundant knowledge and experience is most favorably evaluated by our customers and inspires trust, assurance and satisfaction for our products and services.

Our motto describes us as a clear and honest company which is the result of our continuous investment in technical development, overseas training, and higher efficient human resource systems for superior service and production worldwide.

From its inception, Ja Kyung has maintained the philosophy that the public's interest must come first in terms of environmental safety, customer care, and superb product quality. In this new era of technological inspirations, we endeavor to always be ceaseless and enthusiastic in our quest for new and innovative products for our fellowman.

We have a clarity of purpose that is unmatched by anyone in our industry and we conduct business with our customers impartially, knowing that the only way to certain success is our continued focus on customer satisfaction, not vast profits.

We appreciate your confidence in us and we promise to strive for excellence in every way to insure harmony and consistency with you and each individual that we encounter.

자경 케미칼(주) (천안 공장) 충남 천안시 서북구 성거읍 성거길 196 TEL: 041-622-0774 / FAX: 041-622-0777
(인덕 연구소) 경기도 의왕시 이미로 40 인덕원 IT밸리 C동809호 TEL: 031-426-1772 / FAX: 031-8084-3772
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