Many big companies exist, but not so many good companies exist. The vocation of a good company is not only good products; the value of a good company is growth within society through a great dream that one’s small effort can change the world in a positive way. For the past 15 years, Ja Kyung Chemical has developed our dream using excellent production techniques, superior management and customer service that surpasses anyone in the industry. We have gained our customers’ trust with a foundation of integrity, truth and determination. Ja kyung Chemical’s new vision is based on the realization that society responds best to simple, clear and straightforward solutions to its ever-changing needs.

We Are:

  • An honest enterprise
    We are an enterprise in whom everyone can believe and trust because of our mission to solve customer, employee, and social liabilities within society through transparent processes and clear enterprise activity.

  • A trustworthy enterprise
    We are an enterprise which knows that satisfying a customer’s needs is more vital than satisfying a company’s hidden appetite for its increased profit margin.

  • An advanced enterprise
    We are a progressive enterprise which continuously reforms the process of self-discipline to maintain our presence as a company that embraces future technology - a universally desirable technology that others wish to possess- a point guidance technology that we maintain while perpetually developing competent persons to guide that technology.

Company history

  • 1989 Established Ja Kyung Industries
  • 1992 Grand opening of the Ja Kyung Research and Development Center
  • 1993 Co-developed “Pitch Control” with the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS)
  • 1994 Finished expansion of Plant # 1
  • 1995 Published a patent on “Pitch Control”. Ja Kyung Industries became Ja Kyung Chemical Company, Ltd.
  • 1999 Acquired the “KT Mark” (Korea New Technology Mark Of Excellence) from the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • 2000 Completed the Ja Kyung Research and Development Production Plant. Published a patent on the “Anti-deposit Agent”. Ja Kyung was awarded the 10th Excellent Prize of Small and Medium Enterprises from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (CIAE)
  • 2001 Ja Kyung opened offices in Shanghai, China and Surabaya, Indonesia
  • 2003 New Technology Award from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (CIAE)
  • 2004 Partnership with Chinese paper manufacturer Xing Chuang Paper Group resulting in construction of our first manufacturing plant in China

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